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Company Agent, LLC can provide an array of services to the business entities it represents. Contact us to learn about the services we can provide to your company.

Company Agent ™

Company Agent can provide the following services to meet your business needs. Please contact us to learn more about the services we can offer to you and your business entity, including those services that are not mentioned on this page:

  • Discussing and advising on the type of business entity to form.

  • The decision on the type of business entity you should form is dependent largely in part upon the tax ramifications of the business entity structure. We can work with you to determine the most tax efficient manner in which to form your entity.

  • Once you determine the type of entity you would like to create, Company Agent can assist with forming the entity with the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office.

  • Company Agent can work with you on drafting and putting in place governing company documents, including:

    • Operating Agreements.

    • Bylaws.

    • Meeting Minutes.

    • Banking Resolutions.

    • Company Resolutions.

    • Contracts.

    • Agreements.

  • Company Agent can assist with ongoing corporate governance, including:

    • Filing of the annual report with the State of Wyoming.

    • Employment matters.

    • Obtaining of a tax id # (EIN).

    • Filing for worker's compensation and unemployment insurance.

    • Sales tax issues.

    • Registered your entity to do business in another state.

    • Insurance matters.

    • Federal income tax reporting and filings.

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